V Repair is a service designed to solve the maintenance and repair nightmares currently facing busy landlords and tenants, who are pressed for time.

Our online reporting system allows our clients to enter maintenance issues accurately and quickly, giving our contractors the information they need in order to take an appropriate course action and bring the necessary equipment. As a result, the job gets done, on time and on budget.

V Repair works with a select group of curated engineers, removing the guesswork from the equation. This frees up our clients to focus on the benefits of property ownership, rather than the hassles associated with it. Tenants gain access to convenience of flexible scheduling.

V Repair is a turnkey service that gives landlords complete peace of mind

Our Centralized database make accounting a breeze, removing the need for hard-copy receipts or deducting maintenance expenses from next month;s rent. Each maintenance job is recorded and payment (either by tenant or landlord) made in just a few clicks. Landlords can also receive a full report after each job and a summary of all jobs completed for detailed record keeping.

For those looking for a complete solution to their maintenance requirements, V repair offers a variety of subscription packages. Each package includes a number of free cal out services (inclusive of service fee). Our subscriptions are designed to completely eliminate the troubles traditionally associated with property maintenance (ensuring quality of service, inflexible scheduling, expensive repeat visits to solve the same problem, etc)

Benefit from v repair's experience an stop wasting time and money

V Repair Service Areas:

Repair and maintenance service

  1. Electrical, plumbing, AC repair and cleaning, painting, carpentary work, window work, waterproof work, curtain work, flooring work, ceiling work, removal and installation of gypsum board / glass partition

  2. Housekeeping - General cleaning, hoovering, wiping floor, clear rubbish

    IT services:

  3. Desk-side equipment relocation: relocating all the IT related desk-side equipment

  4. Cabling and Patching Services: Arranging data ports cables from server to desk-side (desktop and IP phone)

  5. Setting up Server and phone systems: by providing professional IT infrastructure design and implementation in SMEs.

  6. Basic setup and configure desktops and IP Phones

  7. Design Corporate website and maintenance services