General / How it works?

How does it work? – Simple. Access our intuitive, guided online system at and fill out the form. We designed our reporting system to take as long or less time than having a phone conversation with a contractor.

Our support team is on standby to receive requests and contact you with a competitive quotation. Once the quote is accepted and payment received, our vetted engineer will arrive at the time you specify to attend to your issue.

Payments and record keeping are handled online. Our database compiles reports that show you the history of every job done, making it easy to for you to retrieve payment and service information.


I'm not registered. Do I have to sign up first? – No. We’ve removed the lengthy registration process in order to accelerate the time it takes from reporting to job completion.
Simply report the issue on our maintenance portal. The system will automatically create a new entry for you in our database. Easy!

I'm a landlord. Can my tenant request the service while I pay for it? – Certainly. Your tenant can report the issue directly to us, indicate that the payment should be directed to the landlord and provide the relevant contact details.

A detailed email will be sent to the landlord for approval and online payment.

As a landlord, I need to keep records. Does your system give detailed information on the jobs V Repair completes? – It does. Once the maintenance issue is resolved, we will provide a detailed report to you and your tenant outlining exactly what was fixed and the associated cost.

Our clients also can access job histories at any time.

where do you operate?

While we currently operate on Hong Kong Island, we are constantly expanding. Please leave your contact details and location with us so that we can immediately notify you when begin servicing your area.


Our online reporting system operates 24/7/365.

We operate seven days a week with our normal service hours from 9am - 7pm. We also have the capability to handle emergency calls after 7pm. Normal requests made off hours will be handled as quickly as possible to ensure your issue will be taken care of at your earliest convenience.

Our customer service team is also available during holiday seasons.

what are the benefits of using V Repair?

A service desk for landlords

  • Typically, landlords are the first point of contact when tenants encounter maintenance issues. When you subscribe to V Repair, we become the initial contact. It’s our business to take care of household maintenance issues, quickly eliminating tenant frustrations to help ensure lower churn on a landlord’s property.

Hassle-free home maintenance

  • V Repair is a one-stop service that is on call 24/7/365, to handle the logistics of property maintenance.

User friendly experience

  • Our intuitive online maintenance portal simplifies and accelerates reporting, scheduling, quotation and payment. Landlords with a number of properties will immediately benefit from scalability, while tenants gain access to a flexible, responsive service.

A responsive and autonomous maintenance program

  • At V Repair, we understand how frustrating it can be for landlords and tenants to organize their own maintenance service – especially those facing tight schedules. We aim to provide a hassle-free experience, ensuring that properties remain in excellent condition.

A comprehensive service

  • V Repair is an end-to-end service, not a middleman connecting users with service providers. We take care of the entire experience to ensure a high level of quality, convenience and satisfaction.

about our ENGINEERS

Who are your Engineers? – Our engineering teams are all registered as Minor Works Contractors by the Hong Kong Buildings Department. Each team consists of engineers who are Hong Kong certified, specialising in multiple disciplines (electricians, plumbers, air-conditioning specialists etc) with a track record of providing quality service. Our goal is to eliminate the time and cost spent discovering reliable people and provide you with the best-in-class service.

If you ever have any issues or complaints with any of our personnel, please feel free to call our customer support team at +852 6373 1330 or

How do I verify if  the Engineer is approved by V Repair – Prior to dispatch, we will send you the engineer’s credentials including picture and name so that verification can take place. Each of our engineers carry V Repair identification to give you peace of mind.

Can your Engineering Team Speak English? – Yes. Please let us know your language preferences and if required, we will send over English speaking engineers (or an engineer accompanied by a translator) to service your property.

I'm waiting but V Repair's Engineer has yet to arrive – Apologies. While our team does their best to coordinate appointments, there is the possibility that this may happen on very busy days. Please contact our customer support team at +852 6373 1330 or e-mail We'll immediately locate the engineer and update you on their ETA.

Pricing/ Billing

How much does it cost? – Once an issue has been submitted, we will respond with a price quotation that reflects the location, time required and complexity of the issue.

If the information concerning the issue is unclear, such that we cannot provide a quote, we will be happy to conduct a free on-site consultation and provide a quote on completion.

What's the billing process? – Currently, payment can be done via cash, cheque or bank transfer.

What if my issue is beyond your scope of expertise?

In the rare case where problems cannot be solved by our multi-disciplined team of engineers, we will coordinate with tradespeople with expertise specific to your problem to offer you a quote (separate from our service packages) and get the job done on time.

how quickly can you fix the issue?

For a normal service call, our engineers arrive on site within 24 hours (please specify your preferred timeslots during normal service hours (9am – 7pm). For emergency service calls, we dispatch our engineers ASAP.

Our goal is to fix the issue during our first visit. However, if a complicated issue requires us to return, we will be responsible for the follow ups. These will not be credited against your package, so don't worry about the potential for costs to spiral out of control.

if the same issue occurs right after you fixed it, what happens?

We're sorry about that. We will arrange for an engineer to follow up at our expense. We value building long-term relationships with our clients and aim to provide them with the best possible service.