kitchen skirting installation

Household Repair Case - Duration: 15 Days

Scope of work: 
1) Supply and install new kitchen and guest bathroom ventilator
2) Supply and install new kitchen back door lock
3) Install new kitchen skirting
4) Uninstall and remove living room and left sided guest room closet
5) Repaint all white (Whole apartment)
6) Replace new balcony door frame water proof stripe
7) Repair guest bathroom toilet back board and flushing system
8) Repair guest bathroom ventilator switch
9) Re-glue kitchen, bathrooms with silicon glue
10) Repair main bedroom bathroom closet bottom mirror
i) Supply Daikin 2Hp(FTXS50) split machine plus radiator
ii) Supply Daikin 2Hp(2MXS50FV1B) radiator link with two Daikin 1Hp(FTXS25E) split machines
iii) Supply Daikin 1Hp(FTWN25J) split machine plus radiator
12. scaffolding
13. Removal & installation of AC units

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