Air-conditioning Unit cleaning -- A vital action that you should TAKE! - Part 3

I often clean my filter, do i still need a proper clean by professionals?

That depends, if you remove your filter and look at the evaporator coils, if they are black/grey, then you should clean the filter.

How Does V Repair clean an air-conditioning unit?
- We have subject matter experts who will arrive with all the gear and cleaning substances required and deliver the irreplaceable repair service experience to our customers.
- First, we will layer down all the protection sheets around the area to ensure nothing else will get wet during the cleaning process.
- we will then test the air-conditioning to ensure, there is no pre-existing issues
-Mild chemicals, specifically used to clean aluminium evaporator coils, will be spray and the nrinse with water
- To the extent that we see some blockage to the drainage pipe, we will also clear it